Web hosting

Galladite Bailey

Contact me if you need hosting for personal use (see about). Note that this is not gaurenteed; I have no obligation to dole out CPU time.


I have a message board. This area will be subject to big change since it's my testing ground; boards may be added or removed at the drop of a hat. I also turn the server off when I go to sleep because it's loud, so expect it to be on between 9am and 10pm GMT fairly consistently.


I run a public XMPP server that you can sign up to with your normal client at galladite.net


I run a public IRC server that you can connect to at galladite.net on port 6667 (normal) or port 6697 (ssl, recommended). At the minute it's pretty much just a default UnrealIRCd install, I might try installing services or running bots or paying a little attention to it at some point. If you want to use it for any projects or group chats, go ahead. Botnets will be reported.

Gentoo liveusb environment setup script

I had to go into a liveusb to fix my gentoo kernel so I made this script. You can run it with "bash <(curl -s https://galladite.net/resources/genenv.sh)". Always remember to curl a file normally before running it with a shell.


Wpa-tool is a bash script I wrote to make command-line control of wpa connections easy, including commands to configure, connect to, disconnect from and automatically reconnect to networks, built atop wpa-supplicant, its only dependancy. It is highly recommended that you read the comments at the bottom of the file before using. It is very messy.